Poreporena-Napa Napa Local Development Plan

This project represents a new approach to physical planning in Port Moresby. This is an approach that engages the city’s leaders and mobilises stakeholders from the beginning of the planning process to establish a vision for the growth of the city. The plan will give order to the city’s growth around this great natural harbour. In doing so, the aim is to achieve the best design possible. This amounts to planning for the highest and best use of lands, integrating a set of objectives including: environmental sustainability, engagement of community and land owner groups, economic development and employment growth, orderly and efficient movement patterns and utilities.

One of the key considerations for the orderly urban growth lies in the fact that much of the plan area is under customary land ownership. Furthermore the pattern that has developed in the area to date is one of isolated parcels being developed without any consideration of creating an integrated and connected urban structure. The approach of this plan is to directly engage with the land owner groups so that the aspirations of the owners are integrated. The planning process also engages the leading edge policy and legal reform in the area of land mobilisation.

On current projections the city will grow from around half a million to over two million by mid-century. The vision that has been articulated for this project sees the Port Moresby of the future as a leading edge 21st Century city. The city will ‘leapfrog’ technology to the best in the world and find a home for a new and uniquely PNG way of living in an emerging Great City.

Thank you for taking the time to view the concept design plans for the Poreporena-Napa Napa Local Development Plan (PNLDP). The feedback we receive will be used to refine these designs before they are finalised. We would appreciate your comments on the material you have viewed as well as any other comments you feel are relevant.

Please return the completed form to the Comments Box at the NCDC office (Lagatoi Haus) by 12th December 2011. Completed forms and additional comments can also be emailed or posted to the following addresses:
Email: kennetha@ncdc.gov.pg
Post to: Attn: Kenneth Ataso Deputy City Manager, City Hall, PO Box 7270 Boroko, NCD
Fax: (675) 323 0099 (Please fax both sides of the form)

Download the feed back form.

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